One of the important directions of Concern “Tractor Plants” production activities is foundry.

Foundry complex production:

  • Steel casting
  • Iron casting
  • Non-ferrous casting
  • Precision casting
  • Electroslag casting
  • Powder material die casting

In order to reduce production costs reduce lead time of products based on advanced CAD / CAM / CAE / TDM / PDM-systems there is successfully implemented a computer-aided simulation of casting processes «MAGMAsoft» that allows you to:

  • Take into account the gas permeability and the gas producing ability of rods and shapes to evaluate the influence of air permeability ground form Determine occurs in the form of air pressure and to evaluate its impact on the process.
  • Rate erosion forms and rods.
  • Determine residual stress pattern and the casting in the mold, which affect the carrying capacity of the obtained cast piece.
  • Calculate the stress level and geometry parts after machining.
  • Predicting hot cracks in the casting.
  • Predict resizing castings and distortion of the geometry - strain and deformation in the form of ground and in the mold.
  • Predict emerging in the cast microstructure of the material.
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