Forging production

Forging productions specialize in manufacture of stampings, open forgings, blanks of iron or non-ferrous metals and alloys being subjected to the complete cycle of forging process:

  • tracks, links, half links, track pins;
  • welding neck flanges, flat flanges, fittings, housings for pipeline valves of different sizes weighing from 0.2 kg to 15.0 kg;
  • die forgings and finished products for lifting and towing mechanisms: Pull hooks with load-lifting capacity from 0.5 to 10.0 tons, eyebolts from M-12 to M-42, and others;
  • stamped fasteners blanks (bolts, nuts from M-24 to M-76) and gear blanks, lids and other similar products.

Forgings are presented at the two plants:

“Zauralsky Forge&Cast Factory” Ltd .

"Cheboksary Aggregate Works" JSC.

The processes of hot die forging, upset, extrusion, distillation, rolling, cold and hot embossing and flattering, flashing of precise holes, stamping without biases that do not require further machining are implemented at the enterprises.

In order to reduce production costs reduce lead time of products based on advanced CAD / CAM / CAE / TDM / PDM-systems there were successfully implemented:

  • CAD design software based on CAD «Solid Edge»;
  • «SuperForge» - a system of computer simulation of hot stamping;
  • development of CNC programs based on system «Cimatron».

4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png

The high quality of production is provided by high technologies and modern methods of control:

  1. chemical analysis inspection – Spectrometers Spectrolab, Spectro-Xepos, Spectroport, CRM-25
  2. material microstructure inspection – Microscopes Axiovert-25, Leica DM5000V
  3. nondestructive quality control methods – Coersimeter KIM-2M, MF-94VT, KRM-C, magnetic analyzer МА54-411М, structurescope CM 401.2, magnetic particle flaw failure analyzer UNIMAG-600.

There can be performed a full cycle of forging process with partial and complete machining.

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