Tractor spare parts

One of the main company profiles is production of spare parts and components for industrial, agricultural and forestry tractors. 

All the spare parts are manufactured according to the original design documentation.

Spare parts manufactured by "CPSW" Ltd. are delivered directly to the assembly lines of manufacturers of tractors and are 100% compatible.

The high level of technology and production quality confirmed by the certificate ISO 9001:2008 ensure the highest quality of products and minimize the defect rate.

“CPSW” Ltd. cooperate with the main tractor plants around Russia: 

  • “Kraslesmash” Ltd (forestry tractors), 
  • "Onega Tractor Plant" Ltd (forestry tractors), 
  • "Vladimir Motor-Tractor Works" JSC (wheeled agricultural tractors),
  • "Volgograd machine-building company "VGTZ" Ltd (caterpillar agricultural tractors).

The range of production includes the elements of drive systems for caterpillar and wheeled tractors of different modifications.

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