Diesel engines

Close cooperation of Cheboksary Power System Works with manufacturers of diesel engines - Vladimir Motor Tractor Plant and the Altai Motor Plant - allows to perform direct sales of engines from the factory.

There are available spare parts and components for engines manufactured by VMTZ, AMZ and YAMZ.

Direct supplies of original spare parts from the manufacturers guarantee the quality and just-in-time delivery.

At the facilities of its own industrial park “Cheboksary Power System Works" produces parts and components for YAMZ engines supplied to the assembly lines of "Autodiesel."

Guaranteed service and quality engine maintenance is ensured by an extensive system of service centers in Russia and abroad, as well as the regular delivery of spare parts for all models of engines.

“CPSW” Ltd. is an exclusive seller of diesel engines with air and water cooling manufactured at the specialized enterprises of Concern "Tractor plants" - JSC "Altai Motor Plant" and "Vladimir Motor and Tractor Plant."

Diesel engines are installed at more than 100 kinds of products manufactured by leading engineering companies in Russia and CIS countries.

The power range of engines varies from 21 hp. up to 350 hp. More than 60% of agricultural machines are equipped with these engines in Russia.

Manufacturers are constantly improving the design of diesel engines and the technology of their production expanding the model range and applicability of engines.

The main qualitative features of the Altai and Vladimir engines are reliability and efficiency while working in different climatic conditions, availability, and ease of maintenance, significant operational operation life.

Available are there 2, 3 and 4-cylinder models of different modifications with air or water cooling manufactured at VMTZ. They can be installed at tractors and self-propelled chassis and used as power units of various machines.

Diesel engines produced at AMZ suit for agricultural, industrial, road machinery, pump and compressor stations, diesel generator sets and river transport. The quality of Altai marine engines has been certified by Russian River and Maritime Register.

Altai diesel engines meet the requirements of Tier-2 and provide not less than 5000 service hours.

All engines are certified for compliance with the standards of the Russian Federation.

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