Automobile components

One of the main specializations of “Cheboksary Power System Works” Ltd. is selling of car component forgings and manufacture of finished products.

“CPSW” Ltd. is an exclusive distributor of components and spare parts and pieces (castings and forgings) produced by the companies of the Concern "Tractor plants":

  • "Cheboksary Aggregate Works" JSC, Cheboksary ;
  • "Promtractor-Promlit" Ltd, Cheboksary;
  • “Zauralsky Forge&Cast Factory” Ltd, Kurgan;

 “CPSW” Ltd. supplies forgings and components to the assembly lines of leaders of the automobile industry in the Russian Federation:

"AvtoVAZ" JSC, "KAMAZ" JSC, “Sollers” Group, "GAS" Group, "UAZ" JSC, "AZ" Ural " JSC, " KAMAZ” JSC, " PAZ" JSC, " KAVZ " JSC, " YaZDA" JSC.

On its own production facilities “CPSW” Ltd has mastered and established certified production of prefabricated elements of brake systems.

In developing processes the company specialists apply advanced design techniques: 3D-modeling, mathematical modeling of technological processes, software “MAGMA Soft” (casting technology), “SuperForge” (forging processes), etc.

Advanced technologies:

sand mold casting

Steel casting
Iron casting

1 – 2500 kg

lost-wax casting

Steel casting
Iron casting
Non-ferrous casting

0,005 – 5 kg

special casting

vacuum-film molding casting
piezocrystallization casting
permanent mold casting

0,01 – 2000 kg


constructive, alloy, corrosion proof steel

0,5 – 200 kg

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